Roxy Marosa

Roxy Marosa is the owner, face and brand of Roxy Marosa Anti-aging Skin Care. Creator of the talk shows Roxy Marosa Talk show and Botho with Roxy maRosa launching on DSTV, an entrepreneur, writer, Transformational Speaker, Model and actress. Roxy took her first stage modelling appearance at the age of eleven, a time when she already demonstrated health and skin care consciousness. Her modelling career has gained international exposure on TV and print. She has also been the face of an International Natural Organic skin range. This exposure further instilled in her a passion of health and beauty, which she now shares through Roxy Marosa Products.

Marius Botha is the scientist behind Roxy Marosa products. He has been in the field of science since 1987. He has built his experience and reputation through working in different fields that include ingredient testing and product development. He successfully developed and launched a skin care range that is enjoyed by many. His continuous research for total skin health care arose his development of Sodium Laureth Sulphate free and Paraben free skin care range. He successfully developed and released Roxy Marosa products – a total skin health care product used and named after the TV personality Roxy Marosa. The product proves to be revolutionary, developed with the latest scientific technology – Liposome – a technology currently not common is South Africa.

Successfully tried and tested, Roxy Marosa Products were released in 2010, and were enjoyed by many before hitting the shelves.

My best research after the research done to develop my product was my personal experience of using the product on my skin. Like many products will cause a skin reaction in the beginning, my skin reacted to my product, but unlike other products I’ve used, my skin normalised and experienced healing within the first week of using the product. My skin feels soft, supple and hydrated. I trusted the product so much I put my name in it. Being a TV personality, my skin is my best asset.

The team behind Roxy Marosa Products is made up of our lab assistants, skin experts, product trainers and suppliers. We are passionate about our development of a product that is made from natural plant ingredients – taking what nature provides without harming or damaging it, and giving to humans for a healthy skin. Our product is designed to provide the skin with the nutrients it requires to maintain a long lasting youthful skin to serve you. We keep up to date with the latest skin trends and developments to produce a product range that will cater for all your skin needs. With our continuous research and development, Roxy Marosa Product range is growing.