The skin is the biggest organ in the body with many functions.  The skin has one overall function – to protect layers and organs of the body against sun, bacteria and dehydration. The skin has multiple layers and renews itself continuously. The surface of the skin peels and replaces new cells continuously through its renewal process (Every 28 days). The skin heals very effectively and there will be no noticeable damage on for a long time. As you get older a lot of body parts that are responsible for maintaining the skin become inactive, denying the skin not get the required nutrients that are needed. Therefore it is important that you provide the skin with extra nutrients, to take care of it.

To provide the best skin care and to be sure that definite results are obtained with the skin care routine, it is important that every therapist knows and understands the basic combination of the skin.

Functions of the skin?
  • It covers and protects internal organs.
  • It regulates and controls the temperature of the body.
  • It serves as a protection against damaging environmental factors (e.g. heavy weather conditions).
  • It helps to get rid of impurities.
  • It fights infections and maintains the acid mantle.
  • It prevents damaging radiation from entering the body – forming melanin layer.
  • It prevents bacteria from entering the body.
  • It rinses the body through excretion (e.g. perspiration).
  • It prevents dehydration.
  • It keeps the body in proportion during moving.
  • It serves as an organ of touch for feeling.